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Laghi Nabi

Castel Volturno, Italy

Laghi Nabi resort, is set in the heart of the dramatic and attractive region of Campania only a few kilometers from the Domitian Coast. This resort is the example of how a natural landscape can pacifically coexist with modern industrial architecture in a deal called eco-sustainable tourism. The resort is made in a former sand pit of 400 thousand square meters which has been reclaimed and converted into a natural oasis and now this campano's gem offers 5 awe-inspiring glamourous eco-friendly safari tents overlooking the lake. 
Laghi Nabi
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Glamping tents 2019

Laghi Nabi is a project that combines nature, comfort and eco-consciousness, born from the union between the goal to retrain an abandoned sandy former quarry and transform it into an exclusive eco-friendly resort, enhanced by the installation of 4 of ours signature Safari M tents and oine Safari M Loft with the outstanding balcony, designed with nature in mind, and perfectly matching with the purpose. Wood composition wonderfully interlaces with the natural landscape, while the interior offers the comfort you are accustomed to at home: a spacious terrace will welcome you at the entrance, followed by an open space area with a king sized bed and ensuite bathroom with an essential kitchenette for quick meals and coffee.

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Via Teofilo Folengo II, 81030 Castel Volturno