1.1.   Committed to excellence


Adria Home has a commitment to pursue the sustainable development, production and marketing of quality mobile homes. Our goal is to produce safe, functional and reliable products to satisfy customers wishing to spend their leisure time.


Everything from purchasing materials to selling the product – we do our best to prevent sources of mistakes, detect any mistakes that may occur as soon as possible and immediately eliminate them, as well as constantly improving all processes in the company. Our state of the art factory uses world class manufacturing techniques from the automotive industry and is ISO certified for quality (ISO9001).

Adria Home products come with a class-leading warranty, providing reliable repair services, backed up by a world-class parts supply operation.

Adria Home warranty


2-year warranty*

See below for details or contact your Adria dealer.

7-year warranty*
See below for details or contact your Adria dealer.

1.2.   General warranty terms and conditions (summary)


The buyer has the right to assert claims in case of missing material or visible injuries within 15 days from the purchase.


The full warranty policy documents can be inspected at your authorised Adria Representative and you should be made familiar with them when purchasing your Adria mobile home.

Most important things you need to know

Limitations of warranty and other disclaimers become part of the purchase agreement, i.e. part of the legal agreement between the manufacturer/seller and the buyer, if they are to be legally valid, these provisions must either be entered into a contract or purchase order signed by the buyer, in which the buyer states that he/she is familiar with the general conditions (where certain exclusions of liability also occur) and has received them.

When selling to companies, the manufacturer’s warranty is the one depicted in the sales agreement.

The buyer receives full warranty (for elements and workmanship), valid two years from the date of purchase for all factory malfunctions or hidden defects. The manufacturer cannot provide any special features or usage of the mobile home, as declared in Clause 3 of the EN 1647.

The Manufacturer is liable to replace all parts with factory defects, free of charge. Warranty refers to the malfunctioning parts and/or elements as well as mounting, except for the parts and/or elements, which deteriorate due to attrition, such as glass, windows, tires, and such equipment as the fridge, and other in-built devices, to which individual manufacturers' warranties refer.

Warranty also does not refer to parts and/or elements which deteriorate due to carelessness or improper handling, poor maintenance, overloading or inattentiveness (water pipes, shower base, shower plates, wet cabinets, additional unforeseen electricity connections, etc.).

Warranty does not refer to varnish scratches on interior or exterior walls, furniture, appliances, or any other equipment, discovered after the purchase. Warranty also does not refer to varnish damages that appear due to usage of abrasive and dissolving materials.

Repairs under warranty are free of charge if carried out in accordance with the details of the warranty policy and are undertaken by an authorized Adria representative. During repair time the customer is not entitled to indemnity due to not being able to use the mobile home. Replaced parts and/or elements remain the manufacturer's property. The purchaser has to report all discovered defects immediately and exclusively to an authorised Adria representative. The manufacturer reserves the right to accept or deny a defect report.

The purchaser has to report all discovered defects to an authorised Adria representative within 7 days from discovery; otherwise the damage is not subject to warranty.

Installed devices, which are not produced by Adria Home have their own user manuals and warranty documents, which are enclosed in the mobile house. The warranty period for the installed device is determined by the manufacturer. Installed devices include: cooktop, refrigerator, water heater, convector, washing machine, oven, air-conditioning, television and all other optionally installed equipment. For other elements, the Adria warranty is limited to a replacement or repair of an element or elements, which have been found unsuitable, and for the work required by such repairs.

If a user is performing maintenance works described in point 4, the warranty period can be prolonged by a total of 3 years exclusively for malfunctions affecting the water resistance of the mobile home (water resistance warranty). Water leaking with severe consequences regarding the life-span and usage of the Adria mobile home. This warranty applies only to a unit that was subject to the exercise of the relevant annual maintenance by authorised personnel, otherwise the warranty ceases to exist as it was not possible to discover errors or malfunctions in a timely fashion, and these malfunctions were subject of the complaint.

The manufacturer ensures a 7-year warranty for certain elements of the mobile home, under the condition that the user complied with the instructions present in this manual, that the user implemented all necessary maintenance procedures, and enabled annual inspections (before or after the season) and/or appropriate activities of the Adria Home company or its authorised representatives.

Warranty refers to corrosion of structural elements, roof, chassis, and exterior PST panels.

The constructor’s liability is limited exclusively to the above-defined warranty and to the extent provided by legislation in force. Adria Home shall not be liable for any damage, indirect or direct, on persons or objects, even if resulting from an error or defect on the sold material.

The manufacturer is not at all responsible for eventual accidents and/or damages of people and things, which may occur during the usage of the vehicle although the event may have been caused by a defect itself.

In the event that your mobile home is in need of repairs, contact our authorised representative.

Adria Home is not responsible for mounting, changes, performed on the caravan by a third person. In such event the warranty ceases to exist.

Any eventual disputes between the parties regarding an indemnity claim are settled in the competence of a court of law.



2.1.   Supply and test

When installing the electrical line of the mobile home to the main board, it is important to check the grounding and that the phase and neutral conductors are correctly connected. The connection and inspection must be carried out by an authorised installer.

For your safety, do not forget to check if ventilators are passable before the first use.

2.2.   Outlets

Do not use aggressive products that could damage outlets, when you want to unclog outlet hoses. Damage caused by the use of aggressive chemicals or physical force is not covered by warranty.

2.3.   Electricity

Do not make any modifications on the electrical installation without prior consultation with the officially recognised manufacturer; otherwise the possible malfunctions shall not be subject to warranty or complaint.


Please note that it is forbidden to cover or obstruct the safety ventilation (also relevant for gas box)!

If your mobile home is equipped with a switching valve, it must be installed by an officially recognised person.

In the event that the gas regulator is not an integral part of the gas installation, it has to be mounted behind the cylinder, in accordance with local legislation.

In the event of transporting your mobile home to another location, the valve must be closed and the cylinder physically removed from the gas box.

For your safety, we advise you to make sure all changes on the gas line are carried out by an officially recognised person.

Do not allow any other persons to make modifications of the gas system. Follow the instructions carefully. Otherwise, any malfunctions or accidents shall not be subject to complaints.

Household appliances

We recommend that any household appliance be installed by a qualified person.

Do not allow any other persons to install of modify household appliances; otherwise, any malfunctions or accidents shall not be subject to complaints.

Provision for sufficient under-floor area ventilation

To meet the ventilation requirements, ventilation openings must be provided (min. 20%) on all sides of the skirting under the steel base. Due to air circulation, at least a 3cm gap must be provided on the upper and lower part of skirting, around its entire perimeter (Point 4.3, Figure 1).

It is necessary to ensure sufficient water drainage by implementing suitable drainage channels and appropriate ground inclination.

We recommend an inclination with a 5cm altitude difference between the centre and the edge of the house. The inclination must provide sufficient and constant drainage from under the mobile home. Additionally, the water must be drained around the house – at least 1m from the edge. If the terrain does not allow it, the drainage must be implemented via drainage pipes.

Note: Humidity under the chassis may cause serious damage to the load bearing capacity of the floor and other parts of the mobile home.

If these instructions are not followed, any damage to the floor will not be grounds for a complaint.


It is important that there are never any leaves and needles in gutters, as this may block the gutters, leading to water leaking in the interior of your mobile home.

The mobile home must not be used if the load on the roof exceeds 150kg/m2.

Damages to equipment, walls and floor due to water leaks caused by uncleaned gutters shall not be grounds for complaint.

Damages to the roof, walls, ceiling, or other load-bearing elements caused by a too heavy load (uncleaned snow) shall not be grounds for complaint.

Clean the furniture with a damp cloth and non-aggressive cleaning agents to avoid any damage to the particle board, adhesive joints, and ABS.

Do not leave wet cloths on wooden parts of the furniture. If the furniture surface is wet, wipe it dry.

If these instructions are not followed, any damage to equipment will not be grounds for a complaint.

Loading and unloading (crane)

Never install cables of different lengths between support bars.

Never hang the mobile home without support bars and by creating pressure on the side walls.

Setting up

If you have installed laths around the mobile home, you must at all times provide for good ventilation of under-floor area (min. 20%) on all sides of the skirting in order to prevent condensation in the ground. If the under-floor enclosure (chassis) is closed or walled, the ventilation system cannot perform its function (see PRECAUTION). In this case, the manufacturer cannot recognize any claims made about the resulting damage (decay, bloating, and deformation of floor particle boards or other wooden elements, etc.).

In case terrain is not prepared appropriately, the mobile home may subside, which can lead to irreparable deformations, sagging of equipment, builders’ joinery, furniture, etc. In this case, the warranty cannot be exercised.

The warranty shall not apply in the following cases:

If manufacturer’s instructions are not followed in:


  • Terrain preparation
  • Loading and unloading
  • Drainage
  • Ventilation
  • Overwintering
  • Lines and household appliances
  • Setting up the mobile home
  • Improper maintenance and non-compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions for proper maintenance
  • Improper handling of original parts or installations, and modifications performed by unqualified persons
  • Setting up the mobile home is not done by the manufacturer or its authorised representative
  • Due to intensive use of the mobile home (e.g. as permanent residence, tourist accommodation, or any other use that is considered intensive) or due to incorrect use of the product

In case of problems, you are welcome to contact your authorised supplier who will inform us on this and provide for everything necessary. To file a complaint on warranty, the following must be enclosed:

  • Warranty card with authorised supplier’s stamp
  • Copy of invoice comprising the following: model, number, series and date of purchase.